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The new EP - The Deal

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Jean-Mikhael’s debut EP, ‘The Deal,’ is all about boundless expression. Theatricality and striking visuals centre his music; a diverse melting pot of sensual R’n’B, intimate songwriting and innovative, glossy pop production. JM’s songwriting – at once exposed and empowering – draws on past troubles, and emerges from the storm with his head held high.

This is an EP that hits the refresh button, presenting a brand new slab of unheard music to get stuck into, and the first chunky taster of what Jean-Mikhael is all about. And looking forward, JM typically has his eyes on the next creative endeavour. “I’m already thinking about the next thing,” he says. “You need to think, how can I better it?”

“No filters” is an apt description for ‘The Deal’ and JM as a whole, too. Influenced by striking conceptual art and high fashion alike, Jean-Mikhael doesn’t believe in the idea of style over substance. For him, style is substance instead.